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  While exploring a secluded road one day, you find your path blocked by a large gate.  Looking beyond, you're shocked by a bizarre and frightening scene. The only thought on your mind is "Whoa ... how?!?  Who did ... WHAT happened here?!?" 


  Could it be an ominous warning against trespassers and would-be thieves? (No, but that sounds like a good idea...)


  Or is it a sinister plot to destroy Lawrence by using half-buried, 25 TON "Torpedo Trucks"?  (Of course not, but one local petty bureaucrat claims the concrete-anchored trucks will float down the river 30 miles and hit Lawrence!)


Welcome to Truckhenge!

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Truckhenge is private property.




If you would like a tour of Truckhenge

call Ron Lessman at 785-234-3486.


Truckhenge West



Truckhenge East



Freedum Isn't Lost!

(But spelling seems to be...)

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you'll have to see it...


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for their review of Truckhenge

(Be sure to check out some other great grassroots art in Kansas!)



 Beer-Bottle City

  Just north of Truckhenge is Beer-Bottle City (a work in progress.)  The residents of the "city" are struggling to survive and rebuild after a natural disaster, but the corrupt agents of Count Shawnee keep sabotaging their efforts.


The Tower



The Monolith



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